KYIV BATTLE 2017 Regulations


1.1. The Tournament is held with the following objectives:

1.1.1. Propaganda of sport and a healthy lifestyle;

1.1.2. Popularization of CrossFit in Ukraine;

1.1.3. Development and strengthening of relations withing the CrossFit community;

1.1.4. Identification of the most physically trained Athletes;


2.1. Registration for participation in the online qualifying stage: December 14, 2016 - January 08, 2017

2.2. Time to complete the first online stage of the Tournament: January 09, 2017 - January 15, 2017

2.3. Time to complete the second online stage of the Tournament: January 16, 2017 - January 22, 2017

2.4. The third (last) offline stage of the Tournament: February 4-5, 2017


3.1. Registration for the qualifying stage of the online Tournament is available online on the website of the organizers of the Tournament:

3.2. Electronic registration of participants is open starting December 14, 2016 through January 08, 2017.

3.3. The participant is considered registered if he/she has filled out the application form and paid the entry fee.

3.4. After passing the qualifying stage and being accepted to the offline stage of the Tournament, the Athlete must pay the main fee of 300 UAH online on the website of the organizers of the Tournament: by January 30, 2017

3.5. Payment of the main fee is made by the participants of the Tournament as an online payment on the organizer's website

3.6. The registration fee paid by the participant is not refundable under any circumstances.

3.7. The paid registration can not be canceled and/or transferred to another person, the entry fee is not refundable.


4.1. 120 participants will be admitted to the last offline stage of the Tournament: 60 professional athletes and 60 amateurs.

4.2. In order to be admitted to the last (offline) stage of the Tournament, the Athlete must attend a participant briefing on February 3 at 18:00 (6 p.m.) - for professional athletes, at 19:30 (7:30 p.m.) - for amateurs.

4.3. Venue of the briefing: 40 Peremohy ave., exhibition center "ACCO International"

4.4. The tasks of the Tournament will be announced at the briefing

4.5. Each participant of the Tournament will receive participant's package, which includes:

- Headband with participant's number

- Backpack

- Reebok T-shirt with the Tournament logo (2 pcs.)

- Silicone event wristband

4.6. Date of the last (offline) stage of the Tournament February 4 - 5, 2017 starting at 11.00 a.m.

4.7. Venue of the last (offline) stage of the Tournament, 40 Peremohy avenue, "ACCO International" exhibition center


5.1. General management of preparation and the actual activity period of the Tournament is performed by the Head Referee of KYIV BATTLE 2017.

5.2. The direct activity period of the tournament is carried out by Organizing Committee of Run Ukraine.


6.1. Participants 16 years old and older are allowed to participate in the Tournament.

6.2. Competitions are held in individual championships separately for men and women, professional athletes and amateurs.

6.3. There is no weight category assignment.

6.4. To participate in the Tournament, each Athlete must accept all the rules and sign a waiver (provided by the organizers at the briefing).

6.5. Each participant voluntarily participates in the Tournament, recognizing all the possible risks to his/her health during and after its completion. No certificate of health or insurance is required.

6.6. The organizer is not liable for physical injury, damage, deterioration of physical condition that contestants receive during the Tournament.

6.7. The Tournament Organizer is not responsible for deterioration of physical condition of contestants after the Tournament.

6.8. Each Athlete must demonstrate sportsmanlike behavior.

6.8.1. Unsportsmanlike behavior, including debate, ridicule, insults or physical violence against members of the organizing committee of the Tournament, other athletes, audience and sponsors of the Tournament can be punished by the Organizing Committe by a fine with deduction of points, disqualification, removal from the Tournament, disqualification from future tournaments or in accordance with the law.

6.8.2. Athletes are responsible for behavior of their coaches, supporters and guests. If the behavior of someone from these groups is recognized by the Organizing Committee as unsportsmanlike or creates obstacles to organizing and conducting of the Tournament, then this coach, supporter or guests will receive the disciplinary measures mentioned above.

6.9. The Organizing Committee leaves it to the Medical Director of the Tournament to withdraw an Athlete from participating in the Tournament unconditionally provided the probability of health injury of this Athlete.

6.10. Athletes are allowed to participate only if they are dressed in sportswear and sports shoes that do not interfere with referee's ability to assess the standards of movement.

6.11. Elastic bandages, wristbands, gloves, tapes, lap belts for weightlifting and powerlifting, compression garments, hats, groin and hand protections, magnesium, talc may be used in the Tournament.

6.12. Straps, hooks, gloves with hooks, sticky substances, overalls for sit-ups and powerlifting shirts, exoskeletons outfits and other similar boosters.

6.13. Any suggestions, corrections and additions to this document may be submitted by e-mail to the Tournament organizer: [email protected]


7.1. Tournament Program will include 3 elimination qualification stages.

7.1.1. The task of the first two stages of online qualification will be sent to the email address provided at registration, and published on the website .

7.1.2. The task of the first stage of online qualification will be sent to the email address provided at registration and published on the Tournament website at 12:00 p.m. on January 9, 2017. The results must be submitted by 23:59 (11:59 p.m.) of January 15, 2017.

7.1.3. The task of the second stage of online qualification will be sent to the email address provided at registration and published on the Tournament website at 12:00 p.m. on January 16, 2017. The results must be submitted by 23:59 (11:59 p.m.) of January 22, 2017.

7.1.4. The performance of the tasks must be recorded on video.

7.1.5. It is the responsibility of the Athlete to timely submit the link to the video of challenge performance by the specified time and date. Incorrect information (wrong repetitions, time, failed link to the video, etc.) will result in rejection of the result.

7.1.6. Video may be rejected at the discretion of the Organizing Committee in the following cases:

- Inaccurate standards of recording the video.

- Violation of movement standards.

- Violation of format of the Tournament challenge.

- Wrong count of repetitions.

7.1.7. Standards of movements and video recording of the challenges of the online qualification will be specified in the letter with the task and posted on the official website of the Tournament.

7.1.8. Penalties may be imposed in case the Athlete violates standards of performance of movements or standards of quality and shooting angle that would make it impossible to assess the compliance of movements with the standards.

7.1.9. In case the video contains nullified repeatitions, the following fines will apply:

- 1 to 5 nullified repetitions - the number of nullified repetitions is subtracted from the score;

- 6 to 10 nullified repetitions - the fine of 15% of the challenge score;

- 11 or more nullified repetitions - a fine of 20% of the score.

7.1.10. The video recording of performance of the challenge is to be uploaded to and privacy of the video is to be set to public. The video uploaded to another hosting except will not be considered. It is the responsibility of the Athlete to provide the link to the video. The video title must contain: the name of the Tournament - KyivBattle2017, first name and last name of the participant, participant's category, the number of the challenge. Videos must meet the specified standards.

7.1.11. The challenge may be done over within the specified time limit by the deadline.

7.1.12. It is the responsibility of the Athlete to timely submit the video report about performance of the challenge of the online qualification to the email [email protected]. Any reasons, including lack of access to the Internet, problems with uploading videos, computer failure etc. can not be considered an excuse. If the Athlete does not provide the challenge report by deadline, he/she will get a zero score for this challenge on the leaderboard.

7.1.13. Scoring will be performed by the Organizing Committee in the period from January 16 through 18, 2017 - the first stage of online qualification. January 23 through 25, 2017 - the second stage of online qualification.

7.2. At each stage Athletes must complete some tournament challenges.

7.3. Tournament challenges may include some of the following exercises:

Squats (with body weight, with a barbell on the back, on the chest, above the head, on one leg);

Jump (high jump, standing long jump, onto a box, over the box, side jumps);

Push-ups (floor dip, on parallel bars, on gymnastic rings);


Reverse burpee;

Handstand push-ups;

Pull-ups on the bar;

Rope climbing;

Muscle-up on the rings, on the bar;

Pullover on the bar;

Uprising from a lying position;


Double under;

Military press, push press, thruster;


Sumo deadlift to the chin;

Clean (power clean, squat clean, hang clean);

Jerk (power jerk, squat jerk, hang jerk);


Dumbell swings;

Dumbell jerk;

Dumbbell squat clean thruster;


and other functional exercises on moves of your own body or external objects.

7.4. Each tournament complex is a unique complex moving challenge, which consists of different moves with the movement of your own body, as well as control and management of external objects.

7.5. Exercise complexes have varying degrees of technical complexity and levels of exercise stress.

7.6. The number of exercises can be up to 20, they must be performed as quickly as possible in the specified order.

7.7. The Tournament challenges included in the Tournament program will be announced to the participants at the briefing.

7.8. The format of the tournament complexes includes the following components:

7.8.1. Certain moves. a) The starting and ending points of a motion; b) Limitations in performance techniques and/or equipment used if any.

7.8.2. The number of approaches and/or repetitions.

7.8.3. Specific equipment.

7.8.4. Specific weight of equipment.

7.8.5. Fixed performance time or a time limit.

7.8.6. Scoring specifics.

7.9. Some exercise complexes may have time penalties. If an Athlete does not complete the task within the set time limit, he/she can get a fine of 1 second for each failed repetition and/or will not advance to the next stage of the Tournament.

7.10. Some exercise complexes may have a set minimum amount of time, number of reps, weight of equipment or rounds for further advancement. In case such a limit is set, it will be announced as a part of the tournament challenge. The inability of an Athlete to achieve the minimum result will make it impossible for the Athlete to advance to the next task.

7.11. If an Athlete does not advance to the next task for any reason (injury, disqualification, etc.), this Athlete will be at the end of the leaderboard, after all, who have performed the task, and will not be able to go to the next stage of the Tournament.

7.12. Scaling or changes to the tournament complexes are prohibited.

7.13. Tournament organizer reserves the right to amend the tournament program.


8.1. The scoring system of the online qualification (2 stages)

8.1.1. The Athlete with the best result is first and gets 1 point, followed by the Athlete with the second best result, who receives 2 points, etc.

8.1.2. If the Athletes demonstrate the same results, then each of the Athletes with the same result is awarded the same number of points, such Athletes receive a number, for example: 1,1,3,4 ...

8.1.3. The results of the two online stages will be published online on the official website within 72 hours after their completion.

8.1.4. Upon passing the qualifying stage, the score is nullified.

8.2. Scoring system during the offline stage.

8.2.1. The Athlete with the best result receives 100 points, places 2nd to 10th  – 5 points less than the previous Athlete. Places 10 and on receive 1 point less than the previous one.

8.2.2. The winner is determined by the best overall result of all challenges performed within the offline stage. The Athlete with the highest score wins.

8.2.3. In the case the Athletes have the same overall result, the Athlete with the best result of the last set of exercises is the winner. If the results of the last set are the same, the comparison is based on the results of the second set, etc.

8.2.4. The results of the final stage will be published on the official website within 24 hours after its completion.


9.1. The referees are responsible for monitoring the standards of movements and confirmation of Athlete's results.

9.2. Each Referee must go through all briefings intiated by the Organizing Committee. The referee, who missed the briefing, is not allowed to judge.

9.3. Athlete's violation of the requirements of the specified movement standards or amplitude of motion results in nullification of a repetition.

9.4. The Athlete bears the sole responsibility for clarification of all questions regarding the movement standards before performing the challenge.

9.5. In case of physical limitations in performance of the full range of motions due to infirmity or temporary or chronic injuries, the Athlete shall inform the referee staff in advance.

9.6. Failure to perform the instructions of a referee, abuse or attempt to belittle the referee or the tournament staff can lead to penalties or Athlete's disqualification from the Tournament and/or future competitions. This includes derogatory comments from Athlete's coach, representative, support group or guests.

9.7. Tournament referees and members of the organizing committee have the right to stop the performance of an Athlete at any given time, if they suggest that the Athlete is at a risk of causing a serious injury to himself and/or others.

9.8. Once the Athlete enters the territory of the Tournament, the coaches and audience shall not pass him any objects (water, magnesium, tapes etc.)


10.1. Any protests regarding assesment of the movement standards, scoring and rules are to be submitted immediately to the Chief Referee of the Tournament.

10.2. Athletes may not file a protest regarding refereeing, count of repetitions or quality of movements of other Athletes.

10.3. All interested parties will be able to provide the facts known to them only after closing of the Tournament.

10.4. The following measures will be taken regarding all submitted protests:

10.4.1. Only the Athlete participating in the tournament (coaches and other Athletes may not be involved) may submit a protest to the Head Referee of the Tournament by providing his/her name, number and grounds for the protest.

10.4.2. The Head Referee of the Tournament, Athlete and Athlete's Referee clarify the nature of the protest and settle it.

10.4.3. All information is then provided to the Head of the Organizing Committee of the Tournament for making of the final decision.

10.5. Controversial decision taken during the Tournament is final and is not a subject to change.

10.6. Videos, photos, etc. is not a basis for changing the decision of the Referee of the Tournament. The Head of the Organizing Committee or a person authorised by the Organizing Committee may request any media files related to the protest, but the availability of these files does not guarantee their use in the decisionmaking process.


11.1. Entry fee for participation in the online qualifying stage of the Tournament is 27 UAH.

11.2. Upon passing the qualifying stage, the Athlete should pay the main fee of 300 UAH.

11.3. Monetray prizes are paid to the winners in Ukrainian hryvnia via transfer to the card account within 7 days after the tournament.

11.3.1. Category 'Professionals' (men and women):

  • 1st place - 25,000 UAH + 1-year contract with Reebok
  • 2nd place - 15,000 UAH
  • 3rd place - 10,000 UAH

11.3.2. Category "Amateurs" (men and women):

  • 1st place - Reebok certificate, nominal value of 5,000 UAH
  • 2nd place - Reebok certificate, nominal value of 3,000 UAH
  • 3rd place - Reebok certificate, nominal value of 3,000 UAH


12.1. The sports competition is held at sports facilities that meet the requirements of relevant laws and regulations in force in the territory of Ukraine for public order and safety of participants and audience, and with acts proving readiness of the athletic facility to hold sports events approved in due course.