The first online qualification for Kyiv Battle 2018

The time for the first online qualification for Kyiv Battle 2018 has come. We believe that you are ready for the first challenge, but we would like to remind you that each challenge should be recorded on video.

You have 8 minutes to do as many repetitions as possible (8 min AMRAP), which includes:

Double Unders –  double jumps on the rope – 60 repetitions.

Overhead squat – squats with the barbell held overhead. For professionals the weight is 60kg/40kg, for amateurs – 50kg/30kg – 30 repetitions

Toes to Bar – lifting toes to the bar – 15 repetitions.

Please, notice that the referees will count only proper repetitions. If you want to do it right, please, read the specifications for the challenge.

  1. Double Unders:

– during the jump the rope should go under the athlete’s feet twice;

– if an athlete made a mistake, the wrong jump does not count, but the count continues starting with the next jump.

  1. Overhead squat:

– the first squat will be counted if you start with a jerk in sitting;

– during the squats, your pelvis should be lower than your knees;

– in the upright position, your elbow, shoulder, pelvis and knee shall be straight in one line.

  1. Toes to Bar:

– the toes shall touch the bar at the same time;

– the heels shall cross the overhang line.

Follow the link for the video instruction on the standards of performance.

How to properly record the video?

Start the video with introduction, state your first name and last name, your category (“Amateur” or “Professional”) and stage number of the online qualification. Record the weighing of the bar and the plates used for the challenge. Thevideo shall not be edited or cut. The timepiece shall always be visible within the frame. The video shall be recorded from the angle that allows to evaluate the technique of the performance.

The name of the video shall have the name of the tournament KyivBattle2018, participant’s last name and first name, participant’s category, stage number, the number of repetitions.

How to submit the video to the referee?

You need to submit the video of the performed challenge by 23:59 (11:59 p.m.) of January 11, 2018. The video shall be uploaded to the and made available to all. The link to the video shall be submitted in the personal profile on the tournament’s website in the cell online qualification challenge 18.1.

Make sure you read the tournament’s regulations before you start performing the challenge