The secrets from the winner of Kyiv Battle 2017 Volodymyr Bitiutskyi

Over the time of his active sports career, Volodymyr Bitiutskyi has not only managed to try everything, but also achieved high results in various types of sports during his turbulent sports career.In childhood and youth, the guy was engaged in gymnastics. Then there was Taekwondo and numerous tournaments and championships of Ukraine, where Volodymyr became a multiple prize-winner. Having fulfilled the norms for the title of the candidate for the master of sports and having won the 3rd place in the international tournament, Bitiutskyi took up a military-sports all-round.

Volodymyr demonstrated striking results in athletics, where he won the title of the Champion of Ukraine in javelin throwing, a victory in many regional and national competitions and the title of Master of Sports of Ukraine.              

It is not surprising, however, that Bitiutskyi is doing well in CrossFit: he is a multiple winner of the CrossFit competitions and won F3 Crossfit Challenge 2016, DOG & Grand CrossFit Summer Showdown 2016, YOD CrossFit Glory 2016, KYIV Battle 2017, BANDA Arena Challenge 2017, becoming the finalist of the Grand Cup in 2017.

Volodymyr shared his formula of success with us.

1. Why did you choose CrossFit? When did you start training in this technique?

Since 2012, I have been trying to perform various complexes for the sake of interest. In August 2015, after tearing my Achilles tendon, when I had to face the question of stopping my sports career as the javelin thrower, I decided to use CrossFit for recovery and sports rehabilitation.

2. Where do you work now?

I am a cross fit coach at CROSSFIT BANDA.

3. Your formula for success: what helped you achieve such high results in competitions?

I was lucky) Family, parents’ guidance, comprehensive development since childhood, life experience.

4. Undoubtedly, both physical fitness, mental stability and tactics of performance are important for the victory, but what would you personally put in the first place?

Arithmetics. It may sound ironic, but it’s the bitter truth) Patience in all its manifestations. It often happens that victory is a circumstantial coincidence.

And, of course, purposefulness. If you have already started, then go to the end and do it well. As my father says: “Vova, make it beautiful!”

5. How long do you have to prepare for the competition? And in general, are you preparing for specific tournaments, or do you think that a crossfit athlete should be ready to perform at any time?

It depends on the level of training and the degree of physical fitness of an athlete. It would be interesting to take part in a “surprise” tournament, for which athletes do not prepare at all.

The main points are comprehensive development of physical qualities of the athlete, and not being fixed on figures, seconds, kilograms, meters and the number of repetitions.

6. How do you work on your psychological stability and what would you recommend to other athletes to increase their mental stamina?

What helps me is humor, change of activity, game method in preparation. As in the song by V.S. Vysotskyi “You need to read books in childhood”

7. Tell us, please, how to build the performance tactics at the competition?

It depends on many factors. There more you compete, the more understanding comes with experience.Or get the experience of someone else, if they are willing to share, of course)

8. What is the magic pill to win? Tell us about your diet and the use of supplements on the day of competition.

Of course, a magic pill does not exist. Due to the workload, the food intake is limited on the competition days, the energy has to be restored with the help of bars, cocktails, dried fruits, nuts and bananas. From supplements, I may use Rehydron, BCAA, Cyttrilin.

9. Share your experience. What unforeseen situations can happen during a competition and how to prepare for it?

Due to my extensive experience prior to crossfit, I can give one recommendation: it is necessary to check the serviceability of the equipment provided at the competition.

10. What mistakes have you made at competitions? What are the mistakes you see amateurs make now?

Because of my character, my main mistake is wasting time on disputes over judging during the complex. As to amateurs, the main mistake I see is being haste and unable to distribute their strength.

11. What motivates you the most in crossfit?

There are many points, but I get the most motivation competitions – it is an opportunity to test yourself, and have a good time. As they say: you can see other people and show yourself. This year, the Kyiv Battle Tournament will be held on February 3-4, I invite you to join this exciting show.