CrossFit for Perfect Men: Oleksandr Kravchenko shared about the qualities developed in this sport.

In early 2015 he had a small training ground, several barbells, a group of like-minded people and a spark in his eyes. To be more specific, he didn’t even have a training ground – he was training right in the street on the Kyiv embankment.

Imagine that this was the starting point for CROSSFITBANDA, the first network of affiliated clubs in Ukraine and and the largest one in Europe?! In three years it expanded into 6 clubs and 11 open locations! It serves as a base for a school of coaches, a laboratory of functional diagnostics, a place for LEVEL 1 certification, and a location for numerous CrossFit competitions, including international ones. This is not all, and it seems to be just the beginning.

The founder and director of CROSSFITBANDA Oleksandr Kravchenko confesses that he did not plan anything like that, he simply wanted to open one gym and enjoy life. Prior to crossfit, he was involved in various sports, including boxing, later he switched to functional training, where he demonstrated outstanding results: he became the multiple finalist of the Grand Cup, the Aphrodite Games tournament , and the winner of national competitions.He received a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer Certificate, and has 12 years of coaching experience.

According to the guy, Crossfit gave him confidence, helped him believe in himself and showed that he was capable of more and nothing is impossible. This sport disciplines you, and a fit body is its side effect. But the main thing that CrossFit gave to Oleksandr is a job, a new life and his favorite Banda.

Oleksandr Kravchenko believes that CrossFit forms the following qualities of real men.


Because of its versatility, CrossFit gives everyone the chance to accomplish an Achievement every day. This can be a personal record, a new skill, or an improvement in the timing of performance.

An endless process of self-improvement always keeps you toned and forms a hyper-confidence in yourself. After you do a Murph (1 mile running; 100 pull-ups; 200 push-ups; 300 squats; 1 mile running), it is silly to worry about some negotiations or a presentation.

The success you reach in the crossfit box is transferred to real life, and now you start realizing that you can move the mountains!)

2 Purposefulness

People come to CrossFit for a variety of reasons: to lose weight, to gain weight, to diversify a workout, etc. When you set proper goals and work effectively on meeting them, it is not a problem to get the desired result.

The “problem” is that CrossFit is so interesting and exciting that you constantly keep raising the bar and setting new goals. First you come to the crossfit box to just lose 5 extra kilos, but in a few months your press has cubes and you’re taking part in a competition.

But the cubes do not fall from the sky, you have to work hard to get them. And if you do it competently, effectively and consistently setting goals in the crossfit gym, reaching them, then it will eventually impact your daily activities.

3 Persistence

CrossFit requires a lot of skills, there are a lot of exercises and they are completely different.

Naturally, learning how to perform the most difficult of them is a matter of not one day or one week. Often it takes even months.

What qualities, in your opinion, should a person have in order to methodically do the same thing over and over again day by day? Athletes – yes, once in crossfit, you are automatically consider an athlete – literally “snatch” the exercise and even do not allow the possibility of thinking that he/she will not succeed. And it works!

And you find out that the same approach works for any goal – whether it’s a guitar playing or surfing. If you can do it once, you will always be able to do it!


In CrossFit every second is important and in order not to waste time, you must be the god of logistics and take care of everything: from equipment to breath control. You have to organize everything.

At first, it is difficult, but then everything happens automatically. And then you realize that you have three bags and each is methodically organized with food, sports uniform and work documents.

And soon you realize that your day is planned out, you don’t run out of time, you are completely rested and sleep in accordance with a strictly established regime. God of logistics, yes!


It is clear that it is impossible to achieve new goals in CrossFit if you do not go to the gym on a regular basis. However, an athlete gradually develops a habit and will soon be surprised if friends suggest missing a workout because of a birthday party. Hey, what about the discipline, schedule?

Crossfit develops martial spirit, strength of character, endurance, forms mental stability. Probably, it is impossible to list all the qualities that it develops, everyone finds something for himself.

Come on February 3-4, 2018, to the international Crossfit Tournament Kyiv Battle 2018, where it will be very hot, even though it’s winter time. Join the number of fans and who knows, maybe you will become a participant of the next tournament.