Oksana Orobets: “I fully support crossfit and believe that the future belongs to it”


On February 2-3, Kyiv will host the final stage of the third international crossfit tournament Kyiv-Battle 2019, participation in which is accessible not only to professionals but also to amateurs. Registration for online qualification will last until December 19, 2018. On the eve of the competition we decided to talk with well-known and respectable athletes from this sport, and asked them to answer the questions that are most commonly asked by people who want to do take up crossfit, but doubt whether it is worth it. From now on, you do not need to search for answers on the Internet, just listen to the professionals who have succeeded in this field of ​​activity. Our first hero is Oksana Orobets, an absolute world fitness champion and multiple prize winner in crossfit tournaments. A few weeks ago, she also became the world champion in fitness.


– Tell us about your experience, how did you come to the crossfit, how did your passion for this sport begin?

– I started out of curiosity (smiles). I was bored doing just what I was used to, and I wanted to try something new. Of course, crossfit is exciting, and I was learning something new at every training. As a result, the first eight months I had two trainings each day – I was so “drawn” into the process. I was not going to become a professional, for me it was just another way of preparation for my fitness competitions, since I was a member of the national team of Ukraine. Basically, it was just a new kind of activity for me to diversify my sports activities. Then I took part in my first competition and won it, but it was so difficult that I initially decided that I would no longer do that. But literally the next day I felt like I wanted to go to the gym again. I am in this sport ever since.


– Why should one become a crossfitter?

– To improve the quality of health. Recently crossfit has often been compared with body building and they often argue which one is better. I say it is two absolutely different things: if bodybuilding is how you look, then crossfit is how you feel. First of all, you improve the quality of your health, and the athletic body comes as a bonus for the physical exercises. People become stronger, thinner, more enduring.


– How can someone become a crossfitter? Do you need some special skills or anyone can do it?

– No, you don’t need anything special, just find a professional gym, not a basic fitness center. This gym should have a coach, so you can come and start working there. Just like in any other sport – if you want to learn how to swim, you go to a swimming pool.


– How do crossfitters train?

– As I have said, there are special gyms for crossfit. If you need running, you go to a stadium, if you need swimming – go to the swimming pool. An average athlete would find everything they need in a crossfit gym.

– What is the best outfit for a crossfit workout?

– Well, what you wear is not so important, what matters is your shoes. Athletic sportswear stores have special professional crossfit shoes. Regular gym shoes or sneakers would not do, because you need to do weightlifting and there are other specific exercises. You need it to avoid common mistakes, like in running people run in gym shoes, know nothing about basic techniques of running and then complain about pain in knees or joint problems. I work out in Reebok Nano.


– Please, tell us about nutrition for crossfitters? Do you need to keep a special diet?

– Since some athletes do crossfit to gain muscle weight, others try to lose weight, and for some it is a way to keep fit, you should choose your diet depending on your ultimate goal. The main rule is that you should eat regularly and keep a balanced diet.



– Crossfit for women: good or bad for the female body?

– Of course, it is good. It is bad when you come to the gym for the first time, pick up a 100 kg barbell and decide to do squats. You can get injured anywhere, out of the blue. I personally support this sport and believe that the future belongs to it. Especially because it can be adjusted to any level of training – from a professional athlete to an older lady who has never done sports. And the decision on how to do it depends on the coach. For some reason people often say that crossfit is the source of many health problems. In fact, any kind of sport can be a source of injuries if you don’t do it right. The only reason for that is that crossfit is becoming more and more popular, they often talk about it in the media etc.


– Can crossfit be presented as a sport to lose weight?

– Of course. 80% of girls do it just for that. Crossfit is more affordable and interesting compared to other sports.


– If your boyfriend is a crossfitter, what should you give him as a present? What would he like?

– Special shoes for weightlifting or a weightlifting belt. This things are essential to a crossfitter.


– How not to quit crossfit and how to keep motivated?

– You are the answer. If you don’t want to do it, don’t torture yourself, your coach or anyone else. You are not preparing for the Olympics, so don’t worry when you sometimes don’t have strength or energy for a workout. The key thing about crossfit is that every training is different, you don’t get stuck in a rut, and this is very cool.



– How can you get a crossfit coach certificate?

– There is official certification organized by CrossFit headquarters. Over the two-day course you get serious knowledge. And you need to pass an exam and that is not so easy. If you pass, you get an official crossfit coach certificate. There are two schools for coaches in Ukraine. Of course, you would have to keep on working and improving your skills afterwards.


– Since crossfit came to Ukraine only in 2012, do you think it is increasing its popularity fast enough?

– Crossfit has been developing pretty fast – there are new gyms, professional coaches, more and more competitions and tournaments. Crossfit is becoming more accessible, you can find lots of information about it. As in any other kind of sport, it is better to take the first steps under close supervision of an experienced coach.