Crossfit for the first time. What should you know?


On February 2-3 Kyiv will host the final stage of the third international crossfit tournament Kyiv Battle 2019, participation in which is available to both professional and amateur athletes. Registration for online qualification is open through December 19, 2018.

What should you know about this sport? Where should you begin?

We talked to the best experts and found out important information for those new to crossfit.


1) Health

Crossfit is a sport that makes a person stronger and healthier. However, it requires good physical training. You may consult a doctor before you start. You should pay special attention to your heart since the trainings are very intense. And don’t forget to inform your coach about your state of health.



2) Coach

Crossfit does not permit spontaneity. That is why it is best to consult a professional coach in the beginning of your training since a coach would be able to develop a complex of exercises involving all groups of muscles without exhausting them. Each athlete needs an individual approach, which is why exercise complexes found on the internet may be useless or even harmful.


3) Gym

It is not hard to find a crossfit gym, so it is best to choose the one closest to your home. For example, if a weather is bad, you may simply feel too lazy to go to the other side of the city and that may hinder you interest in training. And remember that crossfit is a group sport since only a team can give you a surge of motivation and energy you need. The higher the competition in the gym, the stronger the will to win and the desire to train and the more satisfied you will be with your results.


4) Equipment

If you are new to crossfit, you don’t need to buy special equipment. Of course, professional athletes use special workout clothes and special shoes created for intense trainings, for example helping you climbing a rope. However, a new athlete can use a regular fitness training outfit. And it is better to get special shoes right away.


5) Diet

Intense training requires special approach to nutrition. That is why an athlete’s job is never finished in a gym, it continues at home. If your goal is to lose weight or gain muscle weight, you should include more protein products in your diet and reduce food rich in complex carbohydrates. It is also important for your nutrition to be regular.

These are the main points for new crossfitters. However, you should remember the most important part – discipline. Regular training, proper nutrition and daily schedule would make you stronger. As you see, anyone can become a crossfitter, and the only thing separating you from the result is your desire. Find a gym, come to the first training session, and maybe you will discover an activity that becomes your favorite for the rest of your life.