Prize fund of Kyiv Battle 2019 amounts to 160,000 UAH


On February 2-3 Kyiv will host Kyiv Battle 2019 – the international crossfit tournament. On these days the capital city exhibition center “ACCO International” will open its doors to the professionals and amateurs from Ukraine and neighboring countries so that they could demonstrate the true strength and endurance and compete for the title of the best crossfitter.

The total prize fund for the tournament amounts to 160,000 UAH. Men and women are awarded separately in each category.

The prize fund of Kyiv Battle 2019 will be divided among winners in the following manner: the winners in the category “Professionals” will each get 30,000 UAH and a one-year contract with Reebok, the silver and bronze medalists will get 20,000 and 15,000 UAH respectively.

This year there will also be rewards for participants taking 4 and 5 places in each category. Thus in the category “Professionals” they will get 10,000 and 5,000 UAH. The winners in the category  “Amateurs” will get certificates for the purchase of sports goods in Reebok stores. For the first place the certificate will be worth 15,000 UAH, for the second place – 11,000 UAH, for the third place – 8,000 UAH, and 6,000 and 4,000 UAH for the fourth and fifth places respectively.

There will be 120 athletes participating in the tournament – 60 professionals and 60 amateur athletes. You will be able to see the last year winners of the tournament: Volodymyr Bitiutskyi, Oleksandr Yaroshchuk, Mariana Fedorenko, Volodymyr Tysianiuk, Svitlana Kropyvets and others.

Registration for the tournament is open through December 19, 2018.