Mariana Fedorenko: «Crossfit is available to everyone!»

The time of the final stage of the third international crossfit tournament Kyiv Battle 2019 is drawing near. It will take place in the capital city of Ukraine on February 2 and 3, 2019, but you still have time until December 19 to register online. Because of this event and thanks to the overall growing interest in crossfit, more and more people research this sport and its peculiarities. We came up with relevant crossfit questions and asked Mariana Fedorenko to answer them. Mariana is an experienced athlete and the winner of Kyiv Battle 2017 and 2018 among women in the category “Professional athletes”:


Please, tell us about your experience. How did you get into crossfit? Where did you get your passion for this sport? this is the first question we ask Mariana.

Prior to crossfit, I was into professional synchronized swimming and after I ended my sports career, I realized that I needed something to keep fit. In 2014 they took me to the gym and said “Just try it! If you don’t like it, you’ll just go back to your general physical training”. My first training session was coached by Dmytro Sokol, and I just loved it – all of my muscles were sore, even the ones I didn’t know I had. Even back then Dmytro was coaching many well-known athletes. It got exciting. Well, in a year I was participating in my first competition in the category “Professionals”. That’s how I started.


– Why do you need crossfit?

First of all, crossfit helps you increase strength and endurance. Of course, as any other fitness sport, crossfit aims to create an effective body, but what makes it different is its ultimate goal – making people maximally physically trained. This is why crossfit method is actively used in combat sports, in training special force units and in other professional fields that require physical training.


– How can one become a crossfitter? Is it available to everyone or does one need some special skills?

It is not hard to become a crossfitter. You need to set a goal, come to the gym and find a certified coach. I assure you that it is available to everyone, even to those who have never seen a barbell.


– How do crossfitters train?

They have at least five trainings a week. I personally train 5-6 times a week and I understand that it is not enough to get to the international level, because I know that many of my rivals train a lot more. I comfort myself with thoughts that it is not the quantity but intensity and quality of trainings that matter.


– What is the best outfit for a training session?

I myself always use Reebok sportswear, it is very comfortable, and I also like that they have a special crossfit line. So if you want to always be in trend, it must be Reebok.


– What do crossfitters eat? Do they have a special diet? Should you monitor your nutrition?

Nutrition plays an important part in life of a crossfit athlete. It should be well balanced to help an athlete to restore the lost energy as soon as possible. Depending on the ultimate goal of an athlete, the amount of protein may very. For example, if you want to lose weight, your meal before the training session should include greater amount of protein. And the amount of complex carbohydrates should be reduced. You should exclude fats from your pre-workout meal if you want to lose weight.

If you want to gain muscle weight, your pre-workout meal should include not only greater amounts of protein, but also greater amounts of complex carbohydrates with a moderate amount of fats.


– Crossfit for women: help or harm for a female body?

Many girls think that crossfit requires heavy weightlifting. For this reason many girls don’t even try this sport because they don’t want to lift a barbell or heavy dumbbells. Besides, they are worried that this kind of training wound not allow them to lose weight as it leads to rapid gain of muscle weight. Well, what can I say: if you don’t want to become a professional athlete, you shouldn’t worry about weight gain, you will get your body into perfect shape and improve your physical fitness. This is why I believe that crossfit can only help girls!


– If a girl has a boyfriend who is a crossfitter, what could she give him? What present would he like?

It depends on what this crossfitter guy needs. You should give him what he really needs. You can give him a personalized jumping rope, but basically it can be anything from new sportswear to sports foods. I would love to get invitation to the Games. Of course, it’s the attention that matters.


– How do you  make yourself keep training and what can be the source of your motivation?

When you look at yourself in the mirror and see the result – this is the best motivation! Well, and watching your rivals is always a good motivation.


– How can one get a crossfit coach certificate?

It used to be hard, but as far as I know, now you can take a course and pass an exam. It costs about 1000 USD.


– Since crossfit came to Ukraine in 2012, in your opinion, how fast is it gaining popularity in our country?

– Crossfit is rapidly developing, there are more and more clubs opening up, many coaches are being trained, more and more athletes go to international tournaments and raise up our Ukrainian flag – and this is definitely good news!