The first online qualification stage of Kyiv Battle 2019

The time of the first online qualification stage of Kyiv Battle 2019 has come. Before you start performance of the challenge, remember that you have to record it on video.

15 min AMRAP – make as many repetitions as possible in 15 minutes:

10 Burpee over bar – burpee with a side jump – 10 repetitions

15 Pull ups – pull-ups – 15 repetitions

20 Thrusters PROFESSIONALS: 50/35kg (Men/Women), AMATEURS: 40/25 kg (Men/Women) – thrusters – 20 repetitions.

The judges will count only proper repetitions. Video with proper performance:

Standards for video recording:

– Start the video with introducing yourself. State your first and last name, your category (“Amateur” or “Professional”) and the online qualification stage number

– Show the marking on the bar and weight discs, if the marking is unclear, weigh the bar and weight discs used for the challenge

– The video may not be edited or cut

– The timer and the barbell must remain within the frame the whole time

– No one, except for the athlete, may touch the barbell or hand it

– The video should be recorded from an angle that allows proper evaluation of performance technique

– During the performance the body of the athlete shall be completely within the frame

– The name of the video shall include: tournament name KyivBattle2019, participant’s first and last name, participant’s category, stage number, number of performed repetitions.


How to send the video to the judges:

You must submit the recorded video with your performance by 23:59 (GMT +2) of December 26, 2018. The video must be uploaded to and be made public. The participant submits the link to the video in his/her personal profile on the tournament website in the section 1st online qualification stage.

Before you complete the challenge, please, review the tournament regulations