How much water should athletes drink?

On February 2-3, Kyiv will host the final stage of the international crossfit tournament Kyiv Battle 2019. The registration has already been completed and the athletes are currently completing the first stage of online qualification.

Many athletes are very careful about choosing their diet, exercise complexes, coaches, and even clothes, especially during the active phase of preparation for the competition. But they often forget about one of the most important elements that affects the results of training – it’s water. 70 percent of a body of an adult person consists of water, so it is not surprising that both health in general and improvement in sports performance of an athlete depend on proper consumption of water. It is believed that a person needs to drink at least 2 liters of water a day, although some say that excessive water consumption may be harmful. Before you make up your mind, let’s recall the role of water in a human body:


– transportation of oxygen and nutrients;

– digestion of nutrients;

– maintaining body temperature;

– protection of internal organs, etc.


Doctors believe that it is enough to drink 0.5-1 liters of water per day for a healthy person to function properly. In this case only pure water is taken into account. Coffee, tea and juices will not replace the daily consumption of water, because they have other properties. Drinking more than 1 liter per day for an ordinary person may be harmful. Such a phenomenon is called hyperhydration. This is deviation from the water-salt metabolism, which increases blood pressure, causes swelling on the face and legs and can lead to abnormalities in the work of heart. This is the main point of physicians on this issue. But they do allow exceptions. So, for example, intensive sports activities, and especially crossfit, lead to losses of a huge amount of fluid during a workout due to sweating. And in this case, the required amount of water would be much higher. It is very important for an athlete to replenish the water balance, and we have prepared a few tips for you to help you with this.

1) It is a good idea to start your day with a glass of clean water every morning. It helps to start the body and set it to productive work. However, water before bedtime adds stress to kidneys, so it is best to limit consumption of fluids in the evening.

2) Previously, it was believed that you shouldn’t drink during a workout, but that is a very false idea. Heavy workouts reduce the level of water in the body, and an athlete begins to feel tired and lazy. Do not forget that your muscles also contain a high percentage of water. It is best to drink with small sips in between approaches. And no soda water, tea and coffee. Only pure water or isotonic allowed in gym.

3) The athletes taking sports nutrition should pay double attention to their daily consumption of water. For example, creatine retains water, so it is extremely important to regularly supply your body with liquids.

4) Do not drink water only to meet the requirement in liters. It is important to quench thirst exactly when you want it. Your body will let you know how much it needs.

5) Which water is best for drinking? Here opinions differ: some drink only bottled water, others advocate for boiled water. The doctors lean more towards the method of boiling, because in this case you can be definitely sure of the quality of water, and not rely on other methods of purification.

All tips are useful and important, but remember that the body of each person is unique and has its own peculiarities, so if you decide to drink a lot more fluid than you are used to, it is better to consult with a doctor.