Useful Tips for Beginners: What Do Crossfitters Eat

On February 2-3 Kyiv will host the final stage of the third international crossfit tournament Kyiv Battle 2019, participation in which is available to both professional and amateur athletes.

They usually say that regular training and intense physical activity ensure success and good results during the performance. However, preparation for a competition is not limited to a gym, an athlete keeps preparing at home. Proper regimen, alternation of physical activity and rest, healthy sleep patterns all play an important part in preparation.

Another important aspect for a crossfitter is proper nutrition. It has to be well balanced in order for an athlete to be able to restore the lost energy as quickly as possible. If you combine swimming, running, powerlifting, pull-ups and push-ups, gymnastics, your body would require high-quality “fuel”.

Despite the fact that crossfit came to Ukraine fairly recently and the food culture itself is not well developed, there are many culinary branches and diets, which makes it possible to develop an individual approach to this problem. However, there are some general rules and universal guidelines.

Crossfitters are not different from other athletes, they eat the same food, monitor their calorie intake, but they spend a lot more energy than athletes doing any other sport. It is important for them to monitor which calories they consume. They need to monitor micronutrients and avoid both calorie deficit and excess.

Depending on athlete’s workout objectives, the diet may vary. For example, if you want to lose weight or perform power challenges, you should have an increased intake of protein that is needed for muscular growth and faster muscle recovery. The amount of complex carbohydrates should  be reduced. It is important to have regular meals. It is better to have four meals a day, using protein bars or cocktails as a snack. It is good to eat vegetables, they improve digestion, provide body with vitamins and minerals, but do not give much energy. Energy can be provided with pasta, buckwheat or rice. It is best not to use different sauces, salt and pepper, as it would make it hard to breath during exercises. After an intense workout, treat your body to some glucose, have marmalade, marshmallow or oatmeal cookies, occasionally some chocolate. And, of course, you should drink a lot of liquid. Before the competition, when your objective is endurance instead of strength, you should reduce your meal portions to ensure ease of movement.

When it comes to sport nutrition, many athletes do not overemphasize it. The most commonly used substances are protein, creatine, collagen, BCAA amino acids, flexit drink for joints, multivitamins, spirulina, omega-3 acids and melatonin.

You should remember that regular workouts, proper day schedule and well balanced diet are elements that will not only help you improve your physical shape or win a competition, but should also become an integral part of your life.